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Did You Go Too Far?': Megyn Kelly Questions Mike Huckabee on Duggar Family Support


"I was just stunned and shocked..."

Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee once again defended the embattled Duggar family on Monday night, telling Fox News' Megyn Kelly that he believes Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar took appropriate steps following son Josh Duggar's "inappropriate touching," and said that he is "stunned and shocked" that the victims were "exploited" by the media.

Kelly opened the interview by sharing a quote from Huckabee that touted the Duggars' "authenticity and humility," questioning whether he went too far in defending them.

"His family's authenticity and humility has come under attack for being so out there in criticizing gays' and lesbians' push for marriage quality in ... their protestations about how you're supposed to treat families and children in the wake of what they did," she said. "Did you go too far?"

Huckabee defended himself, though, explaining that he believes every family has its problems and that the Duggars took the right steps after learning about what had unfolded.

"In every family we all deal with crises. We deal with issues," he said. "If the Duggars had never gone to counseling, never submitted themselves to the elders of their church — they went voluntarily to the police. They took many, many steps that many parents don't take under similar circumstances."

The former Arkansas governor also said that the release of police records surrounding the molestation charges was a violation of state law — one that he decried as also being completely unfair to the victims.

"I was just stunned and shocked that, number one, the victims were exploited in this for [the medias'] own purposes," he said. "How were the girls served? How were the victims served by the exploitation ... it was not about the victims, it was about trying to go after the Duggars."

Huckabee continued, "They have been known as a family that is a Christian family and if a liberal has anything like this kind of situation it's no big deal."

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(H/T: Mediaite)

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