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They're Betting They Can Waltz Right Past This Woman Working Store Entrance Without Paying for Their Beer. It's a Bad Bet.


"Police resources are small and the penalties are insignificant."

Two men in Finland were caught on surveillance video apparently trying to leave a store without paying for their cases of beer.

All that stood between them and hours of free refreshment was a woman working at the entrance.

Image source: YouTube/Live Leak

Think she was letting them get away with the goods just before closing?

Not on your life.

The employee quickly went for her can of pepper spray, dousing one of the thieves while his accomplice trailed behind him.

Image source: YouTube/Live Leak

As they attempted to leave the Helsinki K-Market, apparently without their beer, the woman still wouldn't let go.

Image source: YouTube/Live Leak

At first she was pulled just outside the store —

Image source: YouTube/Live Leak

— but she battled them, pulling the apparently incapacitated thief back into the lobby.

Image source: YouTube/Live Leak

His pal then appeared to threaten the woman —

Image source: YouTube/Live Leak

— yet she seemed unfazed, yanking the hapless crook all the way back inside the store as the accomplice appeared to have a change of heart and tried to calm her down.

Image source: YouTube/Live Leak

She then appeared to activate an alarm:

Image source: YouTube/Live Leak

Surveillance video doesn't show what happened next, but the Mirror reported that police and paramedics were called to the scene. It isn't clear what happened to the men in the clip. Live Leak noted the incident occurred this month.

Store owner Saku Kytola posted the video online, the Mirror said, citing Finnish news site Tamperelainen. Kytola added that pepper spray has become a necessity for store employees.

"We have no other mode of operation to be able to intervene," he said. "Police resources are small and the penalties are insignificant."

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