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Ladies, Here’s When You Might Want to Stop Wearing Skinny Jeans


"Squatting in 'skinny jeans.'"

Skinny jeans — the fitted through the hip, thigh and ankle trousers popular among some women and men alike — might need a warning label after one woman's medical experience with them.

A recently published case study in the Journal of Neurology Neurosurgery & Psychiatry detailed how a 35-year-old woman suffered "rhabdomyolysis and bilateral peroneal and tibial neuropathies" due to "squatting in 'skinny jeans.'"

Here's what all that medical jargon is code for and how the woman became a literal fashion victim.

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According to the study authors, the woman from Adelaide, Australia, was wearing the skinny jeans while helping a family member pack up for a home move.

"This involved many hours of squatting while emptying cupboards," the study authors noted.

As time went on, she said her jeans felt tighter and tighter.

"Later that evening, while walking home, she noticed bilateral foot drop and foot numbness, which caused her to trip and fall. She spent several hours lying on the ground before she was found," the case study continued.

Thomas Kimber with the Royal Adelaide Hospital gave more details to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation about the situation, adding that she fell in a park.

"By this time it was dark and quite late at night and she was unable to stand up again, and really was there for some time before she could crawl to the side of the road, hail a cab and bring herself to the Royal Adelaide Hospital," he told ABC.

At the hospital, physicians discovered that her legs were so swollen that her jeans had to be cut off. The doctors also noted poor movement in her ankles and toes, and both legs and feet were numb. They concluded that the muscle fibers and nerves in her legs were temporarily damaged due to the blood supply being cut off by the tightness of the pants and compounded by the pressure of squatting for long periods of time.

Doctors treated the woman with intravenous fluids and four days later when she was finally discharged from the hospital, she was able to walk on her own.

The study authors noted that there have been other reported cases of nerve damage in the legs due to skinny jeans, this case though presented further complications.

In addition to circulation and subsequent nerve problems, wearing pants, tights or "shapers" can also interfere with digestion. A few years ago, CBS News also reported a special warning from doctors to men who wear skinny jeans:

Men should be especially concerned when trying to squeeze on tight pants. [Dr. Nicholas] Morrissey cautioned that one of the problems with wearing skinny jeans is that it can cause a testicular torsion, where one testicle gets twisted on itself. If left untreated, the torsion can cut off circulation and cause the testicle to die. While there have been reported cases of testicular torsion from tight clothing, none have got so severe that a man has lost one of his testicles. Normally the condition is so painful that people seek help pretty quickly, he said.

Kimber told ABC that if you're wearing skinny jeans and your legs become uncomfortable or tingly, then you should walk around and move your legs in various directions to get your blood pumping.

(H/T: Popular Science)

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