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Call the Police, Somebody!' Watch a Metro Employee React to Father With 4-Year-Old Daughter Needing to Use The Restroom


"Don't touch me!"

Image source: YouTube

Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority is investigating an alleged altercation between a Metro station manager and a passenger with a 4-year-old daughter who needed to use the restroom.

According to the girl's father, who filmed part of the altercation, Station Manager Young refused to let his daughter use the Braddock Station restroom and assaulted him. In the video, the daughter can be heard crying.

The manager is on paid administrative leave, according to WUSA. In the video, the father can be heard yelling "don't touch me" and "call the police," although nothing can be seen in the shaky footage.

At one point, the station manager accuses the father of "disrespecting" him as the father pleads with the man, saying his daughter is "going to have an accident." 

WRC-TV reported that Metro Transit Police determined that neither the cell phone video nor security footage showed enough evidence of an assault. However, the station manager still might face disciplinary action.

"There is a separate, administrative process that is ongoing," a Metro spokesperson told WRC. "Obviously, the behavior shown on the video is unacceptable to us and appropriate action is being taken. I also can tell you that we reached out to the customer involved this morning, following his tweet, to provide an update. We will likely be unable to comment further on employee discipline matters.”


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