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Donald Trump Wants the End of 'Gun-Free' Zones, Declares He's Pro-Life, and Explains His Beef With John McCain


"John McCain was very disloyal to me."

Image source: YouTube

While the Huffington Post has relegated Donald Trump's presidential campaign to the entertainment pages, MSNBC is still covering Trump. And that was on full display Friday morning.

Image source: YouTube

The second hour of MSNBC's "Morning Joe" started with a lengthy interview with Trump. In the course of the 14-minute question-and-answer session with Trump we learned the following:

  • Trump wants "gun free" zones eliminated.
  • The self-proclaimed multi-billionaire is also pro-life.
  • On the topic of gay marriage, he said, "I would have preferred the courts let the states make the decision."
  • Concerning Obamacare, Trump openly differs from his party's position on healthcare as a right. Speaking on universal healthcare, Trump said, "You cannot let twenty-five percent of the people in the country -- because they have no money -- go without something."
  • The reason why he went after Senator John McCain (R-AZ) on Twitter: "John McCain was very disloyal to me," he told Andrea Mitchell.

Watch the interview from this morning:


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