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Propeller Slices Through Roof After Flying Off Single Engine Plane in Midair


"It was a pretty good size propellor."

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New York State Police say a pilot's propeller fell off his single engine airplane while it was in midair and landed on top of a house, slicing right through the roof.

It happened Thursday near Amsterdam, New York, about 35 miles west of Albany. The people who live in the house were not home at the time and no one else was injured. The pilot made it back safely to the ground on his own nearby private landing strip, the Montgomery County Daily Gazette reported.

“This was an older plane, but it was a pretty good size propeller," New York State Police senior investigator Jeffrey Ullman said. “It went right through the roof and into the attic area, causing some damage to the walls."

The Montgomery County Police were notified following the incident and began searching the area for a crash site but found nothing. The Federal Aviation Administration was also notified and is conducting a joint investigation with New York State Police.

The pilot was not named and has not been charged with any crime related to the aerial incident.

(H/T: Montgomery County Daily Gazette)

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