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Beck Tears Into Trump as a 'Populist' Who Represents 'More of the Same


"Stop demonizing the companies and start fixing the problems"

Glenn Beck speaks on his radio program August 25, 2015. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

Glenn Beck tore into Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on Tuesday as a "populist" who represents "more of the same" for the country.

Beck was specifically responding to Trump's comments over the weekend, where he told an audience that he would never eat Oreos again because Nabisco is moving its plant to Mexico.

"When I heard this clip over the weekend I thought, wait a minute," Beck said on his radio program. "Why is Nabisco moving? ... Why is Ford moving to Mexico? Because they love Mexicans? Because they love Mexico so much? Or because they cannot afford to do business here in the United States?"

Beck said a constitutional conservative like Ronald Reagan would respond to the situation by realizing that companies are being "chased out by high corporate taxes," not by targeting them.

"What does Donald Trump do? He becomes a populist and makes people boo Nabisco, boo Oreos," Beck said. "At that rate, you'll lose every single company in America that counts because we have the highest corporate tax rates. Stop demonizing the companies and start fixing the problems to make us competitive again!"

Glenn Beck speaks on his radio program August 25, 2015. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

"Help me out. Tell me exactly, how is this guy a Republican conservative?" Beck demanded. "I'll tell you who he is. He is a Republican progressive."

Beck noted that Trump has also voiced support for government-run health care, isn't clear about whether he supports a flat tax, and bullies companies who are forced out of the United States because of our oppressive tax structure.

"You want more of the same stuff, except with attitude, in your face, a bully? Then vote for Donald Trump," Beck remarked. "You want conservative principles, constitutional principles, lower taxes, lower corporate tax rates, freedom in insurance? You're not going to get it from a guy who says the Canadian [healthcare system] is good. I'm sorry, but I don't understand it."

"Please don't let us have to spend the next four or eight years trying to teach the Republicans what you already know -- progressivism is a cancer that kills the Constitution," Beck concluded. "Do you need to have an up-close lesson that Republicans are the ones who started it?"

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