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Glenn Beck's Fiery Rant: We Are a Nation 'Hell-Bent on Our Own Destruction


"Evil is rampaging"

Glenn Beck speaks on his radio program September 2, 2015. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

Glenn Beck on Wednesday said "evil is rampaging" across the world, and America seems to be "a nation hell-bent on our own destruction."

"[The evil is] beyond anything I've ever seen in my life," Beck said on his radio program. "And if you think it's going to stay put, if you think it's not going grow, if you think this is as bad as it could get, you are sadly mistaken."

Beck said the persecution of religious minorities in the Middle East will only escalate as America sides with Iran over Israel, and the targeting of America's police officers is far from over.

"If you think that all of our streets and all of our policemen, all of our towns aren't going to see protesters and more killings, if you think this is just going to be relegated to the Baltimores and the Fergusons of the world, you're sadly mistaken," Beck said.

Beck also singled out Planned Parenthood and Congress' reluctance to stop giving taxpayer dollars to the organization, saying "we are a culture of death."

Glenn Beck speaks on his radio program September 2, 2015. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

"We are a nation hell-bent on our own destruction," Beck said. "I saw in the New York Post, 'Glenn Beck is again with his apocalyptic preaching.' I'm not preaching to you, and I'm not apocalyptic. We are suicidal. And all I'm doing is telling you."

Beck said God will allow the nation to "commit suicide," and he "doesn't have to punish us."

"All he has to do is let us feel the full ramifications of what we're doing," Beck continued. "I'm telling you, the bridge is out. And if we don't stop right now and get out -- and I'm not talking [about politics.] You want to talk about Donald Trump? You want to talk about Ted Cruz? You want to talk about Ben Carson? God, help us! What kind of world are they going to walk into a year from now?"

Beck said "evil is counting on you doing nothing ... on you hearing me rant and then moving on."

"Our jobs are secondary," Beck told his audience. "You need to put this into perspective. What you do every day is just to put food on the table. Do that job. Do that job the best you can. But that's your secondary job. Every single generation has to stand up and fight for the freedom that God gave them."

Beck said the fight isn't always for your own freedom. He urged his audience to fight for the freedom "of men and women who are currently being tortured, for the babies who are currently being slaughtered, for the mullahs who don't want any part of that kind of Islam, for the Jews who are going to be vaporized."

"Your job and everything your kids do in school and everything you think your world is based upon is secondary," he concluded. "Because our country is suicidal. And I'm here to tell you, black lives matter -- that's a lie. And I don't care how politically incorrect it ever gets. All lives matter. Period. All lives matter."

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