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CNN Host Compares Jailed Kentucky Clerk to...the Taliban


"...it reminds me of what we're fighting overseas."

Image source: YouTube

On Saturday's edition of CNN's "Smerconish," host Michael Smerconish opened the program by posing a question about jailed Kentucky clerk Kim Davis that compared her to the Taliban.

With Davis' mug shot taking up the entire CNN screen, Smerconish asked, "Is this woman in jail because she was denied her religious freedom? Or, is she more like an American version of the Taliban?"

Watch the clip from the opening of the program:

Smerconish later brought the Family Research Council's president Tony Perkins on the show to discuss the Davis case and continued making the Taliban comparison.

"Their faith is like a GPS that guides every turn they take," Perkins said, talking about people of faith. "And, historically we have accommodated them."

Smerconish followed Perkins' statement by saying, "Respectfully, it reminds me of what we're fighting overseas."

Perkins closed his argument in support of Davis by stating that the problem lies with Kentucky's governor, Steve Beshear.

"It didn't have to come to this." Perkins said. "But, the governor has refused to accommodate her beliefs and that's wrong."

Watch a clip from the exchange:

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