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Watch How Glenn Beck Responds When Organizers for 'Stop Iran Rally' Turn Up Music During His Speech


"I've been asked to speak."

Organizers for Wednesday's anti-Iran deal rally turned up the music as Glenn Beck delivered his speech — and he called them out from the stage.

"I've been asked to speak, so you can let me speak or we can turn the music off or I'll call it a day," Beck said at the podium.

As Beck spoke out, individuals who had flocked to the U.S. Capitol in Washington let their voices be heard as well.

"Turn that down! Turn that down!" one woman shouted.

"Turn it off!" yelled another.

"Speak!" a chorus of voices echoed.

The music was quickly turned down and Beck continued delivering his speech at the event coordinated by the Tea Party Patriots.

Beck was among a group of prominent conservatives who were asked to speak at the rally, which featured Republican presidential contenders Donald Trump and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, as well as radio host Mark Levin.

Kevin Mooneyhan, who coordinated the event for the Tea Party Patriots, told TheBlaze in a statement that due to the abundance of high-profile speakers, a strict schedule had to be maintained.

"As we were organizing the event we were very clear with the speakers that the allotted times were firm in order for us to get through the packed schedule. We asked each of them to do their best to stick to their allotted time," he said.

However, Mooneyhan said that when he saw the production crew turn up the music, he rushed to the stage to allow Beck more speaking time.

"When I realized what was happening I rushed back over to the stage manager to tell him to kill the music and give Glenn some more time. Unfortunately, I was a little late and Glenn made his request to kill the music while I was trying to kill the music," Mooneyhan said, adding it was not the group's intention to force Beck off the stage.

This story has been updated with a statement from the Tea Party Patriots.

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