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Meet The Press' Panelist's Curious Advice for Hillary Clinton


"She's positioned herself as an agent of the 'status quo.'"

Image source: YouTube

At the end of Sunday's "Meet the Press" on NBC, host Chuck Todd asked his panel, "Where are you on Hillary Clinton as a candidate right now?"

One of the panelists actually claimed Clinton "needs to be dancing more."

New York Times' writer David Brooks replied, "She's leaking air." Brooks also said Clinton is "not creative," adding, "She's an establishment candidate in an anti-establishment year."

Ron Fournier of the National Journal contrasted Hillary with her husband, stating, "Bill Clinton was able to position himself as an 'agent of change.' Hillary Clinton doesn't seem to be able to change. She's positioned herself as an agent of the status quo."

Former Bush White House aide and CNBC contributor Sara Fagen reminded the audience, "She is mired in five investigations and those are not going away."

Closing the panel segment was Maria Hinojosa, the executive producer of NPR's "Latino USA." She offered her advice for Clinton.

"She just needs to have more fun. She needs to have more joy. She needs to be dancing more, like she did on 'Ellen.' Just like...fun...joy...real," she added.

Watch the clip via NBC:

(H/T: Meet The Press)


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