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Seth Rogen, Christians United For Israel Slam Ann Coulter Over Her Tweet Referring to ‘F—ing Jews’


"Shame on you."

Conservative commentator Ann Coulter faced a flood of criticism following the Republican debate Wednesday night after she posted a tweet that referred to “f---ing Jews.”

Actor and filmmaker Seth Rogen, himself of the Jewish faith, swiped back at Coulter, without censoring the F-word:

The editor of the conservative Jewish magazine Commentary wrote:

Coulter later explained that what she posted had to be taken in context of this preceding tweet:

After asking how many “f---ing Jews” there are in the U.S., she posited perhaps the candidates' intended audience was pro-Israel evangelicals:

The point she appeared to be trying to make was that the GOP candidates were repeatedly "pandering" on the same issues on which most agree anyway:

In response to criticism of her comment, Coulter suggested that immigration policy should have been the focus:

Christians United for Israel issued a statement criticizing Coulter.

“Ann Coulter’s tweets this evening concerning Israel were completely inappropriate,” CUFI wrote. “The U.S.-Israel relationship is both a moral and strategic imperative. There are tens of millions of Christians in this country who stand with the Jewish state. Perhaps Ms. Coulter has forgotten that Israel is America’s stalwart front-line ally in the war against radical Islam and that the Jewish state upholds the very values Americans hold dear.”

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