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Did You Mean to Say Radical Islamists?': Hannity Questions Ben Carson Over His Claim That He Wouldn't Support a Muslim President


"If ... you want to make this a theocracy, I'm not going to support you."

In addition to releasing a statement on Monday night in response to furor over his comments about Muslim presidential candidates, Dr. Ben Carson also appeared on "Hannity" to clarify his remarks.

Carson, who stood by his original statements, told host Sean Hannity that he would absolutely support a candidate with an Islamic background so long as that individual rejects radical tenets and is willing to put the U.S. Constitution first.

"What we have to do is we have to recognize that this is America, and we have a Constitution and we do not put people at the leadership of our country whose faith might interfere with them carrying out the duties of the Constitution," Carson told Hannity. "So, if, for instance, you believe in a theocracy, I don't care if you're a Christian — if you're a Christian and ... you want to make this a theocracy, I'm not going to support you."

Watch Carson's remarks below:

As TheBlaze previously reported, controversy broke out over the weekend when Carson said that he would "not advocate that we put a Muslim in charge of this nation."

Inquiring about these comments, Hannity asked, "Did you mean to say radical Islamists?" Carson responded that this sentiment was implicit when he prefaced the remarks with the fact that he would support anyone willing to put U.S. law.

The 2016 Republican presidential candidate reiterated to Hannity that he'd be "quite willing" to throw his support behind those who "place our Constitution above their religion."

(H/T: Mediaite)

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