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Christian Owner of Memories Pizza Responds to Claim That His Shop 'Catered' a Gay Wedding

Christian Owner of Memories Pizza Responds to Claim That His Shop 'Catered' a Gay Wedding

"The Lord works the way he works."

The Christian owner of an Indiana pizza shop responded to claims that he was recently tricked into "catering" a same-sex wedding, saying that he found a now-viral video that showed a gay man ordering pizza from his restaurant and then triumphantly serving it at his ceremony "silly."

"I just kind of laughed at it, I guess. It was a silly thing that they did," Kevin O'Connor, owner of Memories Pizza in Walkerton, Indiana, told TheBlaze on Wednesday. "I wasn't overly excited about it."

You might recall that Memories was at the center of controversy earlier this year after O'Connor's daughter, Crystal, said that the shop wouldn’t cater a hypothetical same-sex wedding. Months later, Memories is in the news again — but this time for a different reason.

As TheBlaze previously reported, Robin Trevino, a member of GayCo Productions, an Illinois-based comedy ensemble that focuses on LBGT issues, documented his recent drive from his home in Illinois to Walkerton, Indiana, where he bought two large pizzas from Memories.

Trevino recorded his purchase, but declined to tell staff members at the pizza shop that the food would be served at his gay wedding reception.

Watch Trevino's video below:

“Memories Pizza will be catering our gay wedding,” he said in the clip. “They have no idea that this is going to happen, but it’s happening.”

Media outlets have covered the video over the past few days, claiming that Memories did, indeed, inadvertently "cater" the wedding.

But O'Connor simply laughed off the proclamation, noting that his staff had absolutely no clue that the pizzas they were selling would be used to cater a same-sex ceremony.

"If they get from that that we catered a wedding, I don't know how to deal with that kind of mindset," he said, calling such an idea "so obviously not true."

O'Connor also said that he would have had no problem serving Trevino pizzas even if he knew who he was.

"We weren't catering to their wedding," he said. "They were picking [pizzas] up."

As for speculating about Trevino's motivation for making the video — part of GayCo Productions' “50 States of Gay” series that the ensemble is producing to celebrate the legalization of same-sex marriage across the country — O'Connor said that he's somewhat dumbfounded.

"I don't know if it was to try and make us stupid or make themselves look stupid," he said. "Because the reaction I've gotten is people just calling them idiots, basically."

O'Connor said that he found it "kind of foolish" that someone would waste his time driving two and a half hours to "do what they did."

"But if they got a kick out of it, that's okay it," he said. "It doesn't hurt me."

See O'Connor discuss the initial furor surrounding his daughter's comments earlier this year on TheBlaze TV:

As for the initial debate over his daughter's statements that briefly led to the closure of his business, O'Connor said that the media attention actually helped business due to the "advertisement that it created."

"It definitely helped us. I'm not going to say that it didn't," he said. "The Lord works the way he works. I pretty much just let him deal with it."

A fundraiser that was started by TheBlaze TV host Dana Loesch and contributor Lawrence Billy Jones III ended up bringing in more than $844,000 to help the family out. O'Connor said that the money was, in part, used for bills, and was given to his church and charity.

"It's been a blessing," he said.

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