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Retired Army Veteran Warns Anti-Gun Advocates by Recalling the Time He 'Walked Through the Ruins' of a 'Gun-Free Society


"I've been in a gun-free society."

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Retired Army veteran and conservative commentator Kurt Schlichter responded harshly to the latest round of calls for increased gun control in the United States, telling TheBlaze TV’s Dana Loesch that he’s witnessed firsthand what a “gun-free society” can lead to.

TheBlaze TV

“I’ve been in a gun-free society. I’ve walked through the ruins, there were mass graves all over the place — it’s called Kosovo,” he said. “And it was a really bad place to be if you didn’t have the ability to defend yourself when the government decided that…you didn’t meet their exacting standards and they were going to kill the ones of you that they didn’t ethnically cleanse.”

He continued, “So, when somebody comes to me after my time in Kosovo, after my time on the streets with the Army during the L.A. riots and tells me, ‘Hey, you don’t need guns, there’s no reason’ — well, look, I beg to differ.”

Schlichter also argued that “gun-free” societies never work out well for the people who are disarmed.

Watch the segment via TheBlaze TV below:


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