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CAIR Official Confronts Bill O'Reilly Over Muslim-Themed 'Watters' World' Segment: 'I Think You're Overreacting


"You are the head of this show and you allowed that to go on."

A Muslim advocacy group is angry with Fox News producer Jesse Watters over a recent video segment featuring interviews with residents of Dearborn, Michigan, with a spokesperson for the group appearing on "The O'Reilly Factor" on Thursday night to decry the clip.

Dawud Walid, executive director of the Michigan branch of the Council on American Islamic Relations, told host Bill O'Reilly that he found the video both offensive and problematic.

"Well, the show that you had Bill just really shows old, tired and really bigoted frameworks about the community here in Michigan and Dearborn, in particular," Walid said, accusing Watters of factual errors.

While O'Reilly conceded that there were clarifications that should have been made, he said that "Watters' World" — Watters' regular segment on the show — is known for being cheeky and for poking fun at a variety of groups, calling it light-hearted satire.

But Walid wasn't having it.

"I don't think it really was satire, especially when you have people making comments about honor killings," he said, referencing what one interview subject said in the clip. "You are the head of this show and you allowed that to go on."

In the end, O'Reilly said, "I think you're overreacting."

Watch the segment below:

And see the original video that riled Walid and CAIR:

(H/T: Mediaite)

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