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Mike Rowe Has A Powerful Message for Occupy Protesters Marching This Fall


"Somebody's Gotta Do It" star Mike Rowe has a message for Occupy Wall Street-style protesters who are taking to the streets in New York City and other cities this fall.

"Enjoy the fact that you have enough rope to either either build a bridge or hang yourself," said Rowe, speaking with TheBlaze last month. "You have got an incredible opportunity to be heard and you can say virtually anything you want."

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Rowe went on to extoll the virtues of hard work, saying occupiers — or anyone else — ought to focus on the opportunities available rather than those unavailable.

"If you are going to dig ditches, be a great ditch-digger," Rowe told TheBlaze. "During that period when you are going to be a digger of ditches, be the best damn ditch-digger there is."

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