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Glenn Beck: 'If We Choose' to Do This, 'We Will Turn Into Darkest Nation Ever to Grace the Earth


"...my prediction is we will not be destroyed."

Glenn Beck told Fox News Tuesday that he fears if the American electorate puts "immoral" individuals in public office, the U.S. will be headed down a terrible path.

"If we choose to put immoral people — and they are on both sides. If we choose to put immoral people in, my prediction is we will not be destroyed," Beck said. "We will turn into the darkest nation ever to grace the Earth."

"We are going to be a very bad nation because of the things we have at our disposal," he added.

Watch Beck's comments (relevant remarks come toward the end):

The remarks came during a discussion about the 2012 Benghazi attacks on Fox New Channel's "The Kelly File."

Beck said he believed the actions taken by America's leaders during and in the aftermath of the attacks was "immoral."

"She lied about it," Beck said of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's role on Benghazi. "She knowingly lied."

Clinton has repeatedly insisted she did not mislead the American people following the attacks.

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