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Rep. Charlie Rangel: Muslims Have Had 'Real Serious' Problems Interpreting the Koran For Thousands of Years


Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-N.Y.) had some harsh words for the way many Muslims interpret their sacred documents, while speaking at a townhall in New York City last Tuesday.

"As far as I can see for two-thousand years they have been fighting and killing each-other," Rangel said of people living in the Middle East.

"The Muslims have real serious kind of problems interpreting their sacred documents," Rangel continued. "[T]hey had had these problems for two-thousand years."

Watch Rangel's Comments:

Rangel, an outspoken Democrat, however, quickly shifted to placing the blame for chaos in the Middle East on former-President George Bush.

"How in the world George Bush though that he knew more then they did and entered this to settle it I don't know," Rangel remarked. "But its abundantly clear that he has opened up an issue that we have been unable to put back into the bottle it came out of."

Rangel did not just reserve his criticism for Republicans, however, saying that our country's role in the ongoing violence in the Middle East, was inexplicable, even by President Obama.

"Its also wrong to put our kids in harm's way to fight a cause that when I go to the funerals I can't explain to their loved ones what they died for and and neither can the President of the United States," he said.

Rangel's remarks came just about a week before reports began to indicate that the Obama administration was considering placing boots on the ground in Syria for the first time.

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