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Skydiver's Pant Leg Catches on Plane's Exit Step, Leaving Him Hanging Upside-Down at 10,000 Feet. Video Captures What Happens Next.


"Watch out for that first step — it's a doozy"

Image source: Vimeo

The age-old phrase, "Watch out for that first step — it's a doozy," certainly could apply to Fernando Gava's recent skydiving adventure.

Set to jump from a plane 10,000 feet above Lima, Peru, Gava took his fateful first step into the wild blue yonder — and then there was a major mishap.

Gava's pant leg got caught in the plane's exit step, ABC News reported, and the skydiver was left hanging upside-down for a solid half hour.

Image source: Vimeo

The adventure was captured on video by Gava's friend Maurice Mathey, who later posted the clip to Vimeo.

Soon Gava cut off his stuck pant leg with a hook knife after about 30 minutes. Finally hitting freefall mode, Gava was later seen on video safely parachuting to earth.

Image source: Vimeo

A small army of concerned folk rushed to Gava's side, but the skydiver looked more like he just wanted a little space.

Image source: Vimeo

In the end Gava had a cut hand to show for his efforts — along with the pant leg he was forced to cut off while hanging high in the air.

Image source: Vimeo

Here's the clip:

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