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Bobby Jindal on Proposed TheBlaze Debate: ‘I’d be Thrilled to Do It’


"I think it would be great for the party."

Bobby Jindal on "Dana"

Republican presidential candidate Gov. Bobby Jindal (R-La.) told Dana Loesch Tuesday on TheBlaze TV's "Dana" he would be "thrilled" to participate in Glenn Beck's proposed debate on TheBlaze TV network.

"Why in the world as Republicans are we trying to seek the approval of liberal, mainstream, outdated media outlets that don't like us instead of the newer media, the conservative media?" Jindal asked. "I think candidates should be willing to debate anywhere, any time, any place."

Jindal told Loesch he thinks candidates should be required to present ideas to grow the economy and plans to replace legislation such as the Affordable Care Act in order to be on the debate stage.

"Regardless of who else would be [at TheBlaze debate] or not, I'd be thrilled to do it," Jindal said. "I think it would be great for our candidates and I think it would be great for our nominee ... I think it would be great for the next president, I think it would be great for the party."

The Louisiana governor went on to say the GOP candidates need "intelligent" and "probing" questions and that he has "no doubt" that a debate at TheBlaze would focus on substantial issues.

"We only have three hours and they waste all this time on silly things, trying to attack folks" Jindal said of the debates to date. "I'm happy to take anybody's questions — liberal, Republican, Democrat, Independent, conservative — it doesn't bother me."

Complimentary Clip From TheBlaze TV

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