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Pastor's Warning About 'Massive' Cultural Doubt and the Tough Choice Christians Must Now Make


"We're not what we once were. We're not sure what we're becoming."

Pastor and author Bobby Conway believes that "massive doubt" has overtaken American culture and that changing moral paradigms have left Christians with a difficult decision regarding what to do next about traditional ethics and values.

"We're in a culture right now where we are rejecting many of the values that are traditionally a part of the church — and the church is going to have to make a decision," Conway told The Church Boys podcast. "If they're going to reshape the values to fit in, to placate — or if they're going to hold fast."

Conway, author of the new book "Doubting Toward Faith," described America as a "nation without a mission statement," explaining that he doesn't see a "clear direction" when it comes to where the country is collectively headed.

Listen to Conway discuss these issues below:

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"There's so much confusion in our culture. We're going through a moral revolution," Conway said. "We take an issue like homosexuality and it goes from being rejected at one time, to being tolerated, to being accepted, to being celebrated to, then now, rejecting ... those that don't agree."

But this cultural confusion isn't just impacting non-believers, Conway believes; he contends that Christians, too, are being sucked into the uncertainty, as they try to make sense of evolving paradigms.

"We're not what we once were. We're not sure what we're becoming," Conway said. "And that tension between what we were what we're becoming is creating lots of confusion that I believe is creating doubt within Christians, as they see massive change in our culture."

Regardless of what happens in culture, though, the pastor said that it is essential for Christians to live for Jesus, love God and love others.

He's hoping that "Doubting Toward Faith" will help believers who are struggling with doubt learn that it is okay to ask tough questions about faith and life, explaining that he believes Christianity can handle the scrutiny.

"If Christianity is true, it can handle our toughest objections and toughest questions," he said. "And we should be able to deal with these doubts."

Conway added, "Jesus can handle your doubts."

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