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Watch What Happens When MSNBC Host Tries to Get Liberal ‘Pulitzer Prize Winner’ to Name ‘Specifics’ of Why Mizzou President Deserved to Be Ousted


"This college president is thrown out and we're all scratching our heads."

Image source: MSNBC

MSNBC host Joe Scarborough asked a liberal Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist Eugene Robinson to name "specifics" on why University of Missouri president Tim Wolfe was forced to resign, and concluded that Robinson's response was "troubling."

Listen to his answer:

"Students have a right to protest, obviously, but what concerns me the most is the power of college football, the power of college sports...that once the football team said, 'we're not going to play on Saturday' the hell with due process, the hell with any of it," Scarborough said to Robinson, who appeared on "Morning Joe" Monday.

"The football team wins and this college president is thrown out and we're all scratching our heads going, 'is he a racist? Is he a bigot?'" the MSNBC host then asked.

Robinson said he "hasn't been on the campus," but that as far as students are concerned, the controversy was more about "what the administration did not do rather than what it did."

"There are a lot of African American students and other minority students on that campus who obviously feel that for whatever reasons the campus was not made to be a friendly, accepting and supportive place in the way that..."

Scarborugh interrupted Robinson and asked for the "specifics,' the "reasons" why some students felt excluded, but the Washington Post columnist admitted that he didn't know.

"Isn't that troubling that you don't know, a Pulitzer Prize winner?" Scarborough pressed further. "This guy is run out as president of the university because a football team said 'we're not going to play,' and neither you nor I reading these articles know what he did to evoke this type of response."

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