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Trigger Warning: Watch 'Anthony Cumia Show' Host's Uncensored, Point-by-Point Takedown of Mizzou Protesters Over First Amendment


"The liberal progressives, the college students…when did they become the fascists?"

Anthony Cumia, host of the online-based “Anthony Cumia Show,” went on an uncensored tirade Tuesday against student protesters at the University of Missouri and their “stunning” lack of knowledge about the First Amendment.

"The Anthony Cumia Show" "The Anthony Cumia Show"

Cumia went point-by-point analyzing a now-viral video that shows protesters and even a university professor bullying and harassing journalists for trying to cover the demonstrations inside the so-called “safe space.”

“The liberal progressives, the college students…when did they become the fascists? This is a fascist, Nazi tactic. They don’t want freedom of the press. This is a communist, Soviet Union tactic,” Cumia said.

He grew extremely agitated as he watched protesters in the video tell a student journalist that he didn’t have a right to take photos and cover the event in a public place.

“They don’t even understand — he has an immense right to take their photos! It’s number one with a bullet,” Cumia added. “They’re f***ing a**holes…Every soldier that has died for this country, their blood says that he has a right to take your f***ing picture right there!”

He later said the professor caught on video bullying a reporter should be removed from her position because she is "dangerous" in her current role as an educator on communications.

"If I can be fired for what I wrote on Twitter, which doesn't affect anybody, this f***ing a**hole that is supposedly teaching students should be removed," Cumia said. "She is dangerous."

Watch his entire uncensored rant via “The Anthony Cumia Show,” below (Warning: Very strong language):


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