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Step Inside Dr. Laser’s Hidden Subterranean Laser Laboratory in a Quiet New York City Neighorhood


Beneath a quiet New York City street, far from the hustle of Times Square and the commerce of Wall Street, lies a dark laboratory run by one of the last practitioners of the art of laser holography.

Step into his storefront, through a cluttered a museum, down an ancient-looking into staircase, and into the world of Dr. Laser, or Jason Sapan. Here, in his eccentric playhouse, he renders real world objects into dancing images of light.

The former blacksmith forge has been home to Sapan's experiments and creations for over three decades. Here ,Sapan works on commercial products for clients such as Goodyear, Tag Heuer, Macy's and Revlon. He's helped create or inspire effects for major motion pictures like Vanilla Sky and the Matrix.

Any one can visit his studio-workspace at Holographic Studios in midtown Manhattan, however, for a tour, to commission a portrait or to become an intern.

"Its a one of a kind place where we are... out of sync with everything thats going on in the world around us," Sapan told TheBlaze.

Sapan is also on a quest to have President Obama becomes the first sitting president to pose for a hologram.

Step Inside Dr. Laser’s Subterranean Laser Laboratory:

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