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Watch Answer Fast Food Worker Gives When Reporter Tells Her Paramedics Don't Even Make $15 an Hour


"They save lives. So why should fast food workers get that?"

A Detroit fast food worker was confronted by a reporter earlier this week and asked why she deserved to earn $15 an hour when he claimed many paramedics do not.

"Some people say that paramedics make $15 an hour. They save lives. So why should fast food workers get that?" WJBK-TV reporter Roop Raj asked.

Protester Lakecha Jackson had quite the answer.

"Because we do too much," she replied. "We do more than we get paid."

According to PayScale, a group that analyzes compensation, an entry level paramedic earns $15 an hour.

Raj asked another protester what she does at work to warrant the $15 an hour wage.

"A day at my job is me doing everything from running the drive-thru to washing dishes to prepping food," she said. "So it’s just a lot of work for one person to do, and I work the night shift.”

The protest was part of a larger nationwide movement in which fast food workers from around the nation are demanding higher pay.

(H/T: Independent Journal)

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