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Ancient Kabbalistic Manuscripts Reveal Their Secrets And The Inner Meaning of 'Abracadabra


These ancient sources, going back to the beginning of time, reveal the hidden rules and advice embedded and encoded within thousands of books written by patriarchs and scholars starting from the writings of Adam and Abraham.

A serious illness hits a family like ‘a ton of bricks,’ the resultant ‘shock wave’ brings chaos and fear into everyone’s lives.

Learn how to separate your mind from a Serious Illness.

  • Work on separating the realities of the physical world by allowing your soul to control your mind, your thoughts and your feelings
  • Start by pushing your pain and worries into the background, taking the illness off center stage.
  • Implement the secret of creating a wonderful experience, sharing memories, laughter, music and only positive thoughts 24/7.


Learn how to gain closure after the death of a loved one.

  • Just imagine! Years ago, an angel offered you a conditional gift from G-d.

A wonderful husband, wife, child, parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, brother, sister or a close friend, to enjoy each-others companionship, relationship and experiences for a limited time.

The angel added just one condition,

“when we claim back this gift, you will quietly accept living your life, keeping just those wonderful memories.”

You would have accepted without hesitation.

Keep asking yourself, ‘Why am I alive?’ and then try to make your life more meaningful and worthwhile.

  •  Throughout life’s game of snakes and ladders, you continually climb short and long ladders, forever striving to lift yourself up materially onto the default mode and spiritually onto the divine. Snakes in many disguises are waiting for you to make that one small mistake - zoom! You slide all the way down.


Learn about the rules on how to avoid this happening, and how to start climbing again.

Go much deeper into understanding these secrets, - your challenges and the rules for taking control.

Listen, enjoy, meditate - one-on-one, week-by-week with Eliyahu Kelman.

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