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Resident Told to Look at Patient Under Surgical Robot. What She Saw in the Monitor Had Her Thinking Her Eyes Were Playing Tricks on Her


"That can't be what I just saw."

Image source: YouTube

A fourth-year OB/GYN resident working at Covenant HealthCare in Saginaw, Michigan, had just ended her shift when she was called to look at something in the operating room.

"One of my co-residents paged me and said, 'Hey, Dr. [Guy] Boike wants you to come upstairs and look at something," Amanda Allen told MLive.

But she agreed and upon looking at the monitor of the da Vinci high-definition surgical robot, she saw something entirely unexpected.

"Amanda, can you take a look, I've never seen this before," Boike said in a video.

Allen looked, gasped and turned around. She held a surgical mask over her mouth, so her expression could not be fully seen.

Image source: YouTube

"My eyes are playing tricks on me. It's been a long day already," she told the news outlet of what she thought. "That can't be what I just saw."

That being a diamond ring.

Looking again at the monitor, she screamed.

Image source: YouTube

The patient on the surgical table was the 33-year-old's boyfriend Todd Whittaker, an endoscopy technician, and he was asking her to marry him.

"There aren't many people who can say they met in an [operating room] and fell in love," she told MLive. "[He] is very good at surprising me and making me feel incredibly loved all the time."

Image source: YouTube

The whole surprise proposal was captured on camera:

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