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When Trump Protester Starts Shouting 'Black Lives Matter!' at Alabama Rally, the GOP Candidate Issues a Blunt Command for Security


"I promise you that's not gonna happen with me."

A protester pulled off a sweatshirt during a Donald Trump rally Saturday in Birmingham, Alabama — revealing a "Black Lives Matter" shirt underneath, Fox News reported — and began shouting the phrase as Trump spoke.

But the Republican presidential candidate wasn't silent during the scuffle between the black protester and those around him.

"Get him the hell outta here, will you please?" Trump said over the microphone, later yelling, "Get him outta here!"

New York Times political correspondent Alex Burns noted that at least six people pushed and tackled the protester when he refused to leave, and that one man punched him and a woman kicked him while he was on the ground:

Security eventually arrived and escorted the man from the building:

Trump reminded the 3,000-member audience of when Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders let a couple of protesters get on stage and take over an August rally: "I promise you that's not gonna happen with me," Trump said.

Here's Trump speaking as the scuffle carried on out of frame:

This story has been updated.

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