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Happy Thanksgiving from TheBlaze! Editors share what we're thankful for this year

Happy Thanksgiving from TheBlaze! Editors share what we're thankful for this year

It's the most popular question of the day: What are you thankful for?

While this is an obvious topic of conversation for Thanksgiving Day, asking Blaze editors what they're thankful for (my self-imposed task for the holiday this year) elicited a bunch of groans and grumbles of it being "cheesy," but most of my colleagues with some prodding complied with my request.

What I noticed in this process of demanding a sentence or two on their topic of thanks is that many of them accompanied their short blurbs to me with caveats like "this is corny but ..." or "I'm bad at this, but ... ." What I found in reading these posts is that they were neither corny, cheesy, bad, cliche or anything else. I'm not sure givings of thanks can ever truly be dubbed as such in the first place.

My colleagues produced a lovely showcase of personality in their thankfulness, which ranges from serious to light-hearted.

And since I solicited them all for response to the most obligatory of Thanksgiving questions, I'll put forth my own answer first.

(Note: Read through to the end of this post to find and listen to a special Thanksgiving podcast from the Church Boys.)

Liz Klimas, Science, Health and Tech Editor

This year in particular I am thankful to have survived my first year of parenthood relatively unscathed.

Last year, in the wee hours of the morning on Thanksgiving Day I went into labor, right on time as my due date was set for November 27. One fantastic epidural and nine hours later, my husband and I welcomed our son into the world.

He has been the biggest joy of my life, while also, I'll admit at times, the biggest pain in in my rear. Somehow that smile seems to make all the hard times more than worth it.

And I would be remiss to not include my thankfulness for my husband who has more than risen to the occasion that fatherhood has called for.

Scott Baker, Editor-in-Chief

I’m thankful for 20 million plus loyal readers every month. For a terrific crew of skeptical and curious writers. And for a great media company that gives our news team the freedom and resources to tell great stories everyday. I’m also thankful for CrossFit. But the news team prefers that I don’t talk about it.

Jason Howerton, Deputy Managing Editor

Even as I lay here sick and feverish on this Thanksgiving, I am thankful that I live in the greatest country in the world. I know my problems are minuscule compared to the horrors many around the world face.

Today, I am a thankful American.

Billy Hallowell, Faith Editor

I'm thankful for this important reminder, which I sometimes get while in the middle of my frustrations: I'm truly blessed. It's easy to complain about what we face in life — and it's much harder to recognize all the good. But having those wake-up calls that God wants us to be thankful for what we do have, even in the midst of struggle, is truly what I'm most appreciative of.

There's only one way to describe how I feel about a healthy new baby, a safe home and a wonderful family this year: Grateful.

Fred Lucas, White House Correspondent

Any political junkie has to be thankful for the entertainment value of the current presidential race. There are always colorful candidates, but this year one candidate is dealing with an FBI probe, another is a politically incorrect billionaire — and they’re both frontrunners! Somewhat more serious: for all that can be said of silly politicians, it’s worth being thankful for a free press so we can write about their silliness without fear. Above all, I’m thankful to God for my wonderful family and for having far more blessings than I could ever deserve.

Dave Urbanski, Assistant Editor

I am forever thankful for my two handsome sons. My boys are the shining stars of my life and will always give more to me than I can possibly give to them. I'm a lucky dad.

Jon Street, Assistant Editor

Another year, another turkey. But as I reflect on the past 12 months, I can't help but recognize just how blessed I am. God has given me a loving and supportive family, the best friends I could ask for, a warm roof over my head and plenty of delicious food to satisfy my appetite. So here's to the holidays. May the Lord keep you and yours throughout and into a new year. God bless.

Kaitlyn Schallhorn, Assistant Weekend Editor

I'm thankful for the newness this past year brought — a new home, a new job with TheBlaze and a new piece of jewelry thanks to my new fiancé.

Sarah Rivette, Commentary Editor

I'm thankful that I get to spend this holiday weekend with my family in our new home that we were blessed to be able to build. We're blessed to be welcoming a new family member next spring and even though I know my 1-year-old daughter will not remember this Thanksgiving or Christmas, I always will. I'm also extremely thankful for all the service men and women who are deployed and stationed across the globe who will not be able to spend time with their families. I think of them often, but know how hard a holiday away can be and want them to know they will always have a place at my table.

Leigh Munsil, Political Editor

I'm thankful for my family, which will be packing my house to the gills this Thanksgiving!

On a related note, I'm thankful for friends who let me borrow air mattresses, tables and chairs to accommodate them all, along with a football so that we can play the annual Turkey Bowl and earn our homemade Dutch apple pie.

Mike Opelka, Host of 'Pure Opelka' and Video Editor

Thankful for (many of the obvious ones), family, good friends, health and an avocation that became a vocation three decades ago. I'm fortunate enough to work alongside some of the most interesting and talented people I have ever met.

Chris Field, Senior Editor

I’m always bad with the “write down what you’re thankful for” requests — whether from obnoxious colleagues (read: Liz Klimas) or nosey family members (read: Mom). So here’s my lame attempt at a list of just a few things that are on my thankfulness list.

*First and foremost, I’m thankful for my Lord and savior Jesus Christ. He changed everything for and in me.

*My beautiful and loving wife, Jayci, who keeps me grounded and well-fed.

*Two of my three kids (not revealing which).

*My extended family that has for 40 years now taught the the value of faith, relationship, love, generosity and service. The heritage we have defies description.

*My fellow Blazers. They are some of the most patient, enduring, classy and thoughtful team of people I’ve ever known.

*Though he could (and should) be assumed to be included as one of “my fellow Blazers,” I should give a public shoutout to Billy Hallowell — a Godly man who has become a dear friend (and awesome on-air foil).

*I have a church family that has truly redefined “service” for our community — and they’ve been an inspiration to me and hundreds of my friends and neighbors. And we’re led by a pastor who truly has a vision and heart for others.

I could go on and on and on and on — but you’d be bored reading it and, frankly, I’d be bored writing it.

Hope all you Blaze readers have a Thanksgiving covered in piles of awesomeness.

Tré Goins-Phillips, Assistant Editor

This holiday season, I am most thankful for the friends and family who surround me. Regardless of what happens around the world — and the many opinions attached to those happenings — I know I have a family that prioritizes loving one another above all else. I am thankful for a country that espouses freedom and strives toward greater liberty every day. Most importantly, I am thankful for a loving God whose ways are higher than mine and whose gospel of peace brings me comfort.

Chris Enloe, Staff Writer

As a fresh-face at TheBlaze, I am thankful for the opportunity to be working for one of the best news organizations in journalism. But more importantly, I am thankful for the blood of Jesus Christ, that through his sacrifice, I am forgiven. It is through Him that I have all of the blessing that I do, so I give my thanks to Him. I am also incredibly thankful for all of the men and women who sacrifice every day to help protect our nation, and protect the very principles that our country was founded on — those that are the very fabric of our existence. God Bless America.

Michael Mason, Video Editor and Self-Professed "Odd Duck"

I’m thankful that snakes don’t fly. I’m thankful that George Lucas is no longer involved with Star Wars. I’m thankful for toilet paper.

And here's the Church Boy's podcast featuring TheBlaze's Billy Hallowell and Chris Field surprise calling Blaze staffers to talk about what they're most thankful for.

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