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Woman Reportedly Dies After Playing the Ouija Board and Undergoing an Exorcism


"Bruises and lacerations to her body..."

A 22-year-old woman has reportedly died from cardio respiratory arrest after her family took her to a church to undergo an exorcism.

The claims surrounding the death of the woman — identified as Jaqueline Sanchez from Belize, Central America — are most certainly wild, with one local media report claiming that her body lifted in the air inside of a local church and that she spoke in a man's voice, the Mirror reported.

Media sources documenting the purported incident are sparse, but EJU.tv reported that Sanchez fell ill earlier this month with unexplained convulsions and hysterics; she had also reportedly stopped eating.

When doctors couldn't figure out what was going on with her health, family members reportedly brought her to the Pentecostal Church of San Ignacio de Velasco to find answers, according to the Mirror.

Sanchez had apparently played the Ouija board — a game that many believe is a conduit to spiritual realms — which led her family members to the believe that the young woman might have become possessed by a demon.

It was after an exorcism at the church that Sanchez reportedly stopped breathing, with the Special Force to Fight Crime Santa Cruz, a local law enforcement body, investigating the death to ensure that it was from natural causes, as was originally ruled the case.

"The forensic report realizes that this girl, identified as Jaqueline Sanchez, died of natural causes due to a cardiac arrest, and the bruises and lacerations to her body (were) due to a trance that [she] was suffering," reads a translation of comments from police spokesman Roger Gutiérrez, according to the Mirror.

Read more about the bizarre story here.

(H/T: Mirror)

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