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Ted Cruz's Pitch to Jewish Leaders: 'If You Vote For Me, Iran Will Never Have Nuclear Weapons

Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas addresses the Republican Jewish Coalition Presidential Forum in Washington, Thursday, Dec. 3, 2015. (AP/Susan Walsh)

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz (R) made his pitch to Jewish leaders Thursday in Washington, vowing that if he's elected president, he'll undo the Iran nuclear deal.

“We need to nominate a candidate who has the clarity to stand up and say: If you vote for Hillary Clinton, you are voting for the Ayatollah Khamenei to have nuclear weapons," Cruz said when wrapping up his speech to the Republican Jewish Coalition. "And if you vote for me, Iran will never have nuclear weapons."

In a tailored version of his stump speech, Cruz vowed to "rip to shreds" the deal with Iran on its nuclear program, forged by the Obama administration. The U.S. needs a leader who will say to Iran, "either you will stop your nuclear weapons program, or we will stop it for you," Cruz said. He also vowed to move the U.S. embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Republican presidential candidate Texas Sen. Ted Cruz addresses the Republican Jewish Coalition Presidential Forum in Washington, D.C., Thursday. (AP/Susan Walsh)

The crowd cheered and at some points gave Cruz standing ovations. At the end of his speech, he mapped out his planned strategy for winning a general election against the current Democratic front-runner.

"If you vote for Hillary Clinton, you’re voting for 12 million people who are here illegally to be granted amnesty," Cruz said. "If you vote for me, we will secure the border and stop illegal immigration. If you vote for Hillary, you are voting for Obamacare to be a permanent feature of our economy in perpetuity. If you vote for me, we will repeal every word of Obamacare.

"That, I believe, is how we win, with a careful, clear, meaningful distinction that makes a difference to working men and women across this country.”

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