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University Professor Admits It: Gun Control Won't Stop Shootings, We Need 'Domestic Disarmament Through the Back Door


"This suggests that we may have to get to domestic disarmament through the back door."

More guns collected in the bust. (Photo: Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

A George Washington University professor has admitted what many pro-gun advocates have alleged regarding the continuous push for gun control — that “small” anti-gun measures will not actually reduce gun violence.

The real solution, according to Etzioni, is total “domestic disarmament.”

Colt 9Mm Commander and .38 - Super Combat Commander handguns (Getty Images/Education Images/UIG)

In an op-ed for the Huffington Post, Amitai Etzioni argues “good progressive persons…may well know, in their heart of hearts, that even if these measures are enacted, they will do little to reduce gun violence.”

Universal background checks and limiting magazine capacity are “fine” ideas, but the National Rifle Association won’t even “yield an inch” on the smaller, incremental gun control measures, the professor writes.

Here he makes his case for “domestic disarmament,” which he says may have to be done subversively:

Advocates of gun control frequently cite the much lower levels of gun violence in other developed nations -- such as Canada and the UK -- in support of the measures they promote. However, these very low levels of gun violence have not been achieved by gun control but -- by domestic disarmament.


One may say that the Supreme Court, after 250 years in which the Second Amendment was read as allowing only a well-regulated militia to have guns, recently reinterpreted it to mean that there is an individualized right to own guns. This suggests that we may have to get to domestic disarmament through the back door.

Make the gun manufacturers liable for harm done with their products. Ban the sale of ammunition. And vote for a president that will add to the Supreme Court those who will read the Second Amendment as written.

Read the full op-ed here.


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