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Watch Leonardo DiCaprio Address ‘Absurd’ Rumor That He Gets Raped by Bear in ‘The Revenant’


"It's absurd."

Leonardo DiCaprio has broken his silence on a bizarre rumor that his character in the upcoming film "The Revenant" is raped by a bear.

"I have no idea where these ridiculous things came from,” he told E! News at the film's Hollywood premiere on Thursday. “What you do when you hear stuff like that? It's absurd. It's absurd."

The Drudge Report ran a story earlier this month that DiCaprio’s charcter in the film is “is raped -- twice!" by a bear, which spurred a great deal of social media reaction.

DiCaprio did confirm another rumor about the film: that he ate bison liver.

"It's something that I won't repeat, that's for sure," DiCaprio said. "We submerged ourselves in the elements for this film. We really wanted to create something incredibly authentic so these types of adventures lend themselves to taking chances like that."

"You want to be as authentic as you possibly can with every decision that you make and that resulting in me biting into something that was pretty disgusting and my real reaction is on film and up there onscreen," he added.

E! News reports that “many Oscar pundits” are speculating that DiCaprio may win his first Academy Award for his work in the film.

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