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Packers' Clay Matthews Levels Cardinals' Carson Palmer, Then Extends Hand to Downed QB. Here's What Happens Next.




It's painful enough that you tried to throw a touchdown pass to widen your team's early lead, tossed an incompletion instead and then got pounded to the turf by a hard-charging NFL linebacker.

Image source: YouTube

But perhaps there would be a reprieve for Arizona Cardinals' quarterback Carson Palmer.

As he started to rise to his feet toward the end of the second quarter Sunday against the Green Bay Packers, the man who just knocked Palmer down — Clay Matthews — offered his hand apparently to help up the Cardinal signal-caller.

Image source: YouTube

But it was an illusion.

As Palmer went to grab Matthews' hand, the Green Bay veteran pulled it back and turned and walked away.

Image source: YouTube

Palmer didn't appear too happy about getting punked on national television.

Matthews' move didn't do much to sway the game's outcome: the Cardinals trounced the Packers 38-8.

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