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Two Teens Charged with Attempted Homicide After Using Pen as Weapon in Trying to Escape From Detention Center

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Two teenagers are facing attempted homicide charges for allegedly attacking a staff member at an eastern Pennsylvania youth detention center.

State police say it happened around 6 a.m. Saturday at Abraxas Academy near Morgantown, in Berks County. Authorities say the teens lured staffer Steven Davis to their room, took his radio and began punching and kicking him. They also allegedly tried to strangle Davis and threatened to kill him.

Police say Davis got the teens to stop assaulting him by telling them he could help them escape. Authorities say the older boy led Davis down a hallway with a pen to his neck, threatening to kill him. Staff members eventually restrained both teens.

Davis was taken to a hospital for treatment.

Both teens are charged as adults. Their names weren't immediately released.


Front page photo courtesy of Shuttershock.

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