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Mysterious Voice Led Police to a Baby Girl Trapped in an Overturned Car in Frigid Waters. Now, This Cop Believes He Has an Explanation.


"We all heard the voice and it said 'Help me. Help me.'"

Tyler Beddoes has had many experiences as a cop with the Spanish Fork Police Department in Spanish Fork, Utah, over the past decade, but it's a mysterious voice that he claims to have heard during a dramatic rescue last year that truly stands out from the rest.

Beddoes, author of the forthcoming book, "Proof of Angels," was among four police officers who ventured into frigid waters in March 2015 to reach a vehicle that had veered off of the road and landed upside down in a local river.

"We get down into the river and ... it was hard with the water running through this upside-down, smashed car exactly what was [going on] ... we just hopped in to do what we had to do," the cop told The Church Boys podcast. "I could see that there was someone inside the car. It looked like two people to me, as far as in the front seat — two adults."

As they approached the car, Beddoes said that the officers all simultaneously heard the voice of an adult woman calling out for help.

"We heard, just loud as ever, a distinct voice, female voice," Beddoes said. "We all heard the voice and it said 'Help me. Help me.'"

Listen to the officer describe the mysterious voice — and how it transformed his faith — below:

Assuming that it was one of the presumed adults in the vehicle, the police shouted back and then rushed toward the overturned car, with Beddoes explaining that there was absolutely no question in his mind at the time that there was somebody in the car calling out for help.

"It was clear as day. There was no one else around," he said, describing it as a "calming, clear voice." "It came from the car."

But after the four officers worked together to turn the car over, they realized something startling: 25-year-old Lynn Groesbeck was the only adult in the car, and she had likely died on impact 14 hours earlier; in the back seat, they discovered an 18-month-old baby named Lily, who was unconscious, but still alive at the time; Lily survived and is now doing very well, Beddoes said.

After the rescue, the mysterious voice continued to stun all of the officers, leading them to speak out about it in various media interviews last year. Looking back, Beddoes — who decided to co-write a book about the subject — said that there are a number of other elements that stand out to him surrounding that "wild day."

"It's amazing to me the strength it took with this car ... to have the four of us be able to push this 3,200-pound car on its side was incredible," he said, noting that he believes it was an angel that guided them in the rescue.

Beddoes, a Mormon, also explained that he had been facing a crisis of faith leading up to the rescue after being involved in an investigation of a quadruple homicide in which a father killed his kids, his wife and his mother-in-law — a case that he said "shook" his belief in God to its core.

"It really tested my faith ... starting to doubt why would God let this happen," he recalled, saying that he knows that he shouldn't have felt that way, but was struggling at the time.  "When this river rescue ... came, my faith was not good. I was kind of in the dumps on a spiritual level."

He continued, "I don't have that doubt anymore."

Here's a March 2015 KSTU-TV news report about the rescue:

Beddoes' account matches what other officers at the scene told media in the wake of the rescue.

“The four of us heard a distinct voice coming from the car,” Officer Jared Warner told CNN. “To me, it didn’t sound like a child’s voice.”

Warner added that the voice clearly said, “Help me.” And Officer Bryan DeWitt told KUTV-TV, “It felt like I could hear someone telling me, ‘I need help.' It was very surreal, something that I felt like I could hear.”

Beddoes is hoping that "Proof of Angels" will help bolster the notion that angels exist and intervene in our world, counting what he experienced in that icy Utah river has a real-life miracle.

"If this can effect one person or change one person, then it is worth it to me," he said of the book's message.


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