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It Freaked Me Out': Actor Kevin Sorbo Reveals What Really Shocked Him While Filming His Latest Movie


"This is just too much. It can't be real.'"

Actor Kevin Sorbo (Photo Credit: Getty)

Actors Kevin Sorbo and Alen Powell found themselves completely shocked by what they learned while filming their new movie "Caged No More," a feature film from the co-producers of "God's Not Dead" that takes viewers deep into the horrific world of human trafficking.

"It freaked me out," Sorbo told The Church Boys podcast, explaining that he was stunned to learn just how bad trafficking is "here in America."

Like many people, Sorbo, who plays twin brothers in the film named Richard and Jack, had assumed that human trafficking was something that mainly takes place overseas, but he was entirely surprised to learn that it is also a major problem within the United States.

While there are no official statistics on the number of U.S. victims, Polaris, a group that battles trafficking, estimates that the total number "reaches into the hundreds of thousands when estimates of both adults and minors and sex trafficking and labor trafficking" are combined.

Listen to Sorbo and Powell explain their experience filming "Caged No More" — which releases nationwide on Jan. 22 — below at the 28:00 mark:

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Powell, who plays a character named Wil — a man who takes action after learning that his cousins have been trafficked by her own father — was also struck by these themes, and, at first, he found himself having a hard time seeing the script as realistic.

"I read the script for the first time and, quite honestly, I was blown away by the content, and truthfully didn't think it was realistic," Powell told The Church Boys. "I called one of the producers and I said, 'I like what you're doing here, but this doesn't feel like a real story. Essentially it's about a father who sells his daughter into sex slavery. This is just too much. It can't be real.'"

The producer quickly sent over news articles featuring trafficking incidents that had happened over the past three months within 300 miles of the actor's home — something that profoundly impacted Powell.

We'll leave you with the trailer below:


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