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Glenn Beck Predicts How Media Will React to Iowa Caucus Results
Glenn Beck discusses the Iowa caucuses on his eponymous radio program Tuesday, Jan. 26. (Image source: TheBlaze TV)

Glenn Beck Predicts How Media Will React to Iowa Caucus Results

"So the press has already picked their two candidates."

Regardless of who emerges victorious from the Iowa caucuses Feb. 1, Glenn Beck believes the media has already picked its winners: Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton and Republican front-runner Donald Trump.

According to the radio show host, even if Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, a self-avowed Democratic socialist, wins Iowa for the left and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz wins for the right, the media will spin the results in favor of Clinton and Trump.

"When it comes to Bernie Sanders winning in Iowa, they'll say, 'Well, this was expected. It's an all-white crowd. It's Iowa. You know, there's lots of socialists there. Lots of progressive thinkers there. But mainly it's all white,'" Beck said Tuesday morning on The Glenn Beck Radio Program.

Glenn Beck discusses the Iowa caucuses on his eponymous radio program Tuesday. (Image source: TheBlaze TV)

In addition, Beck believes Sanders will likely win New Hampshire, too, which he says media will claim is because it's his neighboring state, but, once the contest heads south, Clinton will perform well.

"And she'll do really well from here on out. That's the narrative. It doesn't matter what happens. That will be the narrative," Beck said. "You will hear a little bit from, I think, the Obama supporters in the administration saying, 'We're starting to get a little worried,' ... but the regular rank and file will not be worried. They will never voice that."

As for Cruz, Beck believes that no matter the outcome, the media will portray the results as a loss for the Texas senator and a win for Trump. If Cruz wins, Beck purported, the media will say he "didn't win by enough" and, if he loses the contest, the press will say, "It's over for him."

"So, you know, any win, even if it's at five points — if Donald Trump is five points behind, the press will say, 'That's close enough. I mean, that's remarkable that he did that well,'" Beck remarked. "If Ted Cruz loses by three points, it's over for him. Because Donald Trump is just going to steamroll him. 'There's no way Donald Trump should have won this. There's no way. And he won by three points.'"

"So the press has already picked their two candidates," Beck concluded.

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