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Fight and Flight? Two Attendants Get into Brawl, Forcing Unexpected Landing and Delay


Two female flight attendants got into an argument last month that led to a full-fledged brawl. Today the airline issued an official apology.

(Photo: AP)

Two female flight attendants got into an argument Jan. 22 that led to a full-fledged brawl, according to multiple reports. A Delta Air Lines flight from Los Angeles to Minneapolis was brought to an abrupt halt when the captain was forced to make an unscheduled landing in Salt Lake City.

The plane was grounded for about 80 minutes while the crew sorted out the scuffle, according to the Aviation Herald.

(Photo: AP) AP

The fight reportedly stemmed from an argument over “work issues.”

It was after a third attendant was hit while trying break up the fight that the captain decided to land the plane.

Delta has since issued a letter of apology to passengers on board that day, saying, “Some of our team members did not display their best behavior. We expect our flight crew to be nothing but courteous and professional at all times and what you experienced was far from that.”

According to the Herald, the flight successfully landed in Minneapolis 75 minutes late.

Today, Delta confirmed the incident in an emailed statement to the Washington Post and other outlets:

Delta apologizes to those customers who were inconvenienced after flight 2598 from Los Angeles to Minneapolis-St. Paul made an unscheduled stop in Salt Lake City following an altercation involving two flight attendants on board. The actions of these crew members in no way reflect the values and professionalism we expect from all of our employees.


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