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As An African-American, I Support Him 100 Percent': Newsboys Lead Singer Michael Tait Endorses Ted Cruz


"I saw his drive, his hunger for solid principles, solid ideas going forward in our country."

Image source: YouTube/Newsboys

Singer-songwriter Michael Tait, the frontman for the Christian pop-rock band Newsboys, has officially endorsed Texas Sen. Ted Cruz for president, citing the GOP hopeful's principles, saying that, as an African-American, he supports him "100 percent."

Image source: YouTube/Newsboys

Tait, who is an alumnus of Liberty University, told Fox News columnist Todd Starnes that when he saw the senator launch his campaign from the university in March of last year, that he saw Cruz's "drive" and "hunger" for "solid principles."

"I saw him, his family, the way he talked to people in person. I saw his drive, his hunger for solid principles, solid ideas going forward in our country that, even as an African-American, if you want to get really technical about it, I support 100 percent," Tait told Starnes.

The "We Believe" singer said he has been following Cruz "for a while," adding that Cruz's message is one he's "used to" and one he "believes in." Tait also seemingly took an indirect shot at Republican candidate Donald Trump by saying that he believes it is Cruz's leadership that is "going to make this country great again."

Tait went on to share some advice for fellow Christians who will be entering the voting booth.

"People of faith should vote for a man they believe in," Tait said. "A man they feel can do the job, not falter, not say one thing before the election and do another whole thing after the election, a man that stands his ground, keeps his word, protects our freedom — that's who you should vote for."

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