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MSNBC Asks College Women How They Felt About Hillary Clinton Playing Gender Card — Anchors Were Surprised by the Answers


"That's crazy to me!

Image source: MSNBC

During a segment on MSNBC Friday, anchor Tamron Hall said that young women she spoke with in New Hampshire were “offended” when Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said that, because she is a woman running for president, she is not an “establishment” candidate .

Hall said that a group of college students she spoke to, “the young women there did not care that Hillary Clinton could be the first woman president.”

“That’s crazy to me!” NBC's Chris Jansing interjected. “It really is.”

“In fact, several of them were offended when she brought the line up pointing to the fact, ‘How can I be establishment, I’m a woman running for president,’” Hall said.

“I also am a woman. I also face discrimination as being a woman. Her feminism does not represent my feminism, and I think it’s really important to differentiate that,” one young woman told MSNBC.

“You have to realize that, you know, everybody’s human and like, you have to go for who has the best ideals,” another said. “Just because she’s a woman doesn’t necessarily make her the best candidate.”

Hall noted that Clinton is trailing her Democratic rival Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders — particularly among younger voters.

“Here you are in New Hampshire, this progressive college environment, and young woman after young woman really shrugging it off and taking issue with the fact that Hillary Clinton brought it up,” Hall said. “I thought that was fascinating. It blew me away. Of all the things last night, I didn’t see that coming.”

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