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CNN Panelist: Liberal Young Women See Bernie Sanders as the 'Better Feminist' in the Race


"'I think Hillary's only there because of her husband."

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The Atlantic's Molly Ball joined a CNN panel Sunday morning and told a story about a young woman at a rally for Sen. Bernie Sanders — the Democratic presidential candidate the young woman declared to be the "better feminist."

"It's this really interesting phenomenon where there's a very strong, I think, feminist consciousness in young liberal women on college campuses," Ball told John King.

"These women all say, 'I'm a feminist, I'm concerned about rape culture, and I share all these, you know, liberal feminist views...and I think Bernie is the better feminist in the race,'" Ball continued.

The young females at the Sanders rally also questioned the legitimacy of Hillary Clinton's candidacy. Characterizing the words of one woman as a "scorching attitude toward Hillary Clinton," Ball said, "I had one young woman say to me, 'I think Hillary's only there because of her husband, and I want a strong, independent woman.'"

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