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Jeb Bush Takes Part in a Live Round of ‘Word Association’ Relating to GOP Candidates — Guess Which Word He Uses for Trump


"It’s just ridiculous. I mean the guy, he’s just a real estate guy."

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Just one day before the New Hampshire primary, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R) continues to throw punches at Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump.

During an interview on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" Monday, Bush ripped into the Manhattan mogul as just "a real estate guy."

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When asked by guest co-host Mark Halperin where he stands in his feat to confront and expose Trump as a fraudulent Republican, Bush said, "This is a unique experience. Donald Trump recently became a Republican, so no one has had this experience dealing with the guy."

"It’s just ridiculous," he added. "I mean the guy, he’s just a real estate guy. He’s gone bankrupt four times, he’s a successful man but not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, so why not confront him, challenge him?"

But the real punch came when show co-host Mika Brzezinski decided to play a quick game of word association with Bush.

"Trump?" she asked.

"Loser," Bush quickly fired back without hesitation.

When the game turned to other presidential candidates, Bush labeled New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie a "great guy," called Florida Sen. Marco Rubio is a "work in progress" and said Hillary Clinton "can be beat."

In a later interview, Christie also played Brzezinski's word association game and answered "friend" when Donald Trump was named.

Also later in the show, Trump responded to Bush's "loser" attack, calling Bush "a stiff you wouldn't hire in private enterprise."

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