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He's Possessed by a Demon!': The Moment Two Men Armed With Crosses and Mirrors Tried to 'Exorcise' Ted Cruz During a Campaign Event


"We had to exorcise some sort of disgusting evil spirit."

Things can often become quite strange on the campaign trail, as evidenced by the two protesters who interrupted a Ted Cruz event in Raymond, New Hampshire, on Monday, to say that they wanted to "exercise" a demon from the Republican presidential candidate.

Holding mirrors and crosses, the two men demanded that the "evil spirit" depart from Cruz, drawing a meeting at a local pub to a brief halt.

"Ted Cruz look in the mirror and let the evil spirit depart!" one of the men yelled. "He’s possessed by a demon!"

Watch a portion of their antics below:

And the duo weren't done there, demanding that the "evil...confront itself" by asking Cruz to stare into one of the mirrors.

"He’s possessed by a demon! The demon has to leave," the boisterous individual continued. "That’s why the body is so disgusting to look at!"

The Trail Blazers Blog noted that the incident was staged at the hands of "performance artists," who had also confronted Cruz in a similar way in Iowa last week. The Huffington Post identified the men as members of The Good Liars, a "guerrilla comedy" group.

See more of the antics below:

"He’s very hard to be in the same room with. We had to exorcise some sort of disgusting evil spirit," one of the men continued before a police officer ushered the two out of the room. "There’s a reason that the body is so haggard and disgusting, and the face, and it’s all so weathered and gross and hard to look at. And it’s because he’s possessed by a demon."

Cruz didn't appear too worked up during the incident, speculating that the men were linked to Democratic contender Bernie Sanders' campaign and then making a crack about liberals and faith.

"Usually lefties don't believe in God," he quipped.

(H/T: Dallas News)


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