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He Was a 'Full-Blown Drug Addict' and a 'Borderline Atheist.' But One Night Changed Everything.


"It was like, in a moment God's love hit my life."

Christian speaker Kegan Wesley was once a "full-blown drug addict" and a "borderline atheist" until he attended a Christian concert one night and heard a message that changed everything.

Wesley, who now travels around the country to share the Christian gospel, recalled being someone who simply didn't hold a belief in God when he attended the concert one fateful night, but it was something about the message that he heard that truly resonated.

"I went to the altar that night not knowing what to do or what to say or what to pray, and I asked Jesus into my life," Wesley said during an interview with CBN's "The 700 Club." "It was an unforgettable experience for me."

Watch him discuss becoming a Christian below:

Wesley also shared how he overcame drug addiction and — as someone who once lived a gay lifestyle but says that he no longer does — gave advice during about how Christians should handle relationships with gays and lesbians, advocating that the issue be approached with love.

Speaking of his own experience, Wesley said that he "grew up as a confused child" and shared details about a horrific incident during which he was raped and molested by a number of men while attending a birthday party in the fourth grade.

He said that he later found himself alone and confounded, spending years in silence about what had unfolded.

"I didn't know where to go or who to go to, and if I went to somebody, what was I going to tell them?" he said. "And I also didn't know if they would believe me ... so I hid it in my heart."

Watch Wesley address these issues in a video that was posted to YouTube in 2012:

After finding Jesus, though, Wesley said that everything changed.

"It was like, in a moment God's love hit my life," he said.

While he said that temptation still comes, he is committed Christian who wants to be "more like Jesus."

"I fell so in love with him and out of love with the life I was living," he said, expressing the same hope that others will find Jesus as well.

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