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KKK!': Watch Black Lives Matter Demonstrators Gang Up on Sole Anti-Beyonce Protester in Front of NFL Offices


A very small number of demonstrators took to the streets in front of NFL offices in New York City on Tuesday to protest Beyonce's performance at Super Bowl 50 of her racially charged anthem "Formation," which they deemed offensive.

Ariel Kohane, the only anti-Beyonce protester visible an hour into the protest was quickly surrounded by a rowdy group of self-described Black Lives Matter counter-protesters who hurled insults at him, suggesting he was in favor of police officers shooting innocent black people.

"KKK" shouted one protester at Kohane, who is an observant Jew.

"You want police officers to shoot black people," another protester told Kohane.

Kohane, for his part, argued that while he believed Beyonce had a right to free speech, the Super Bowl was an inappropriate venue for "Formation," which appeared to represent a view critical of police and included dancers dressed as Black Panthers.

"I was offended by the lyrics and her philosophy and ideology," he said. "She has the right to think and say whatever she wants, it was just not an appropriate venue.

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