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Joey Ryan and Laura James Are Pro Wrestlers — and a Couple. In a Match Against Each Other, Watch as He Halts the Action to Ask Her a Crucial Question.


"We've been talking about this so much ..."

Professional wrestlers Joey Ryan and Laura James entered the ring in a match against each other Saturday night in San Diego as boyfriend and girlfriend — and left it with a more, shall we say, official status.

In the middle of the action when James' back was turned, Ryan crawled to corner, grabbed a microphone that was passed to him — along with another critical object from under a towel — turned around, got down on one knee and began speaking.

Image source: YouTube

"We've been talking about this so much that I feel like this was the only way to surprise you," Ryan said as James began covering her face with her hands and the crowd noise increased.

Holding out a ring, Ryan asked, "Will you marry me?"

Image source: YouTube

James said "yes," they embraced and kissed, he put the ring on her finger —

Image source: YouTube

— and with that Ryan proceeded to pin his betrothed and take the match.

"Listen," he said on the mic to James, shocked once again, "first and foremost I'm a professional."

And while James seemed genuinely surprised, given the showmanship that runs through pro wrestling, the proposal could have been something they planned in advance. But judge for yourself:

Here's the clip. (Content warning: Some vulgar chants from the audience):

(H/T: Bleacher Report)

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