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Trump Goes Off On Romney: His Tax Returns 'Made Him Look Like a Fool


"...he was so awkward and goofy that we all should have known he could not win!"

Scott Olson/Getty Images

Republican front-runner Donald Trump took aim at Mitt Romney Wednesday after the former GOP standard-bearer said he believed a "bombshell" rested in the billionaire's tax returns.

Scott Olson/Getty Images

Trump turned to Twitter to blast Romney, saying he was "now playing tough guy" after he "blew an election that should have been won."

The real estate mogul then appeared on CNN and took additional shots at the former Republican nominee when host Anderson Cooper asked about the tax return issue.

"Why not just get them out there?" Cooper asked.

"Well, because my returns are extremely complex and I'll make a determination at the right time. Nobody has been bringing it up except for Mitt Romney and the only reason he brings it up is he lost in the last election and lost very badly," Trump quipped.

He continued, "So I don't know why he's bringing it up. Tax returns are very, very complicated. I have many companies ... I have a very complex system of taxes. And frankly, I get audited every single year."

"We'll make a determination over the next couple months, it's very complicated," Trump added.

Cooper asked "point blank" if that meant that Trump would "absolutely release them" and it was "just a question of when."

"No, I'll make a determination," Trump replied. "I would say over the next couple of months we will make that determination. Absolutely."

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