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Megyn Kelly Presses Carson: Why Are You Still in the 2016 Race?


Retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson was pressed Wednesday night about his insistence to stay in the 2016 race despite not having a clear path to the Republican nomination.

Responding to calls for him to drop out, Carson compared the election to a baseball game which had just got underway.

"Everybody wants to call the game after the first inning," Carson said. "I think we’ve got a ways to go yet."

Kelly followed up, noting many Republicans "have concerns" Carson is a "spoiler" in the race.

"The political establishment, the pundits, like to think they are in control. And it's really we the people that should be in control," Carson replied. 

"I believe that there is still a possibility we can break the spell they have over the people," he added.

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